Thursday, 14 January 2010

This is my rendition of the Bowaters 0-4-0 fireless loco 'Victor.
It is a still available Whitemetal Kit by Golden Arrow
Its designed to go on either of two chassis, both now defunct. One being the Bachmann dockside shunter 0-4-0, the other the infamous Ibertren 'cuckoo' 0-4-0.
With both chassis, they are employed backwards, as on the prototype, the cylinders were reversed.
I have used the older, original docksider, which had plastic Walschaerts valve gear. This was as I wanted it to look more accurate.
Choosing this course added some more complications, as the motor is fairly large compared to the later docksider models. Luckily help was at hand with the Nigel Lawton remotoring kit for this chassis, which allowed me to employ this chassis without too many problems.
The only trade-off was the position of the wheelbase was no longer central & balanced looking. However, this doesnt look too criminal in the flesh.
Here below are shots of the painting & lining pre weathering & varnishing.

Now here are the completed paintwork shots. Later, when I get the time & inclination,I will include photographs of the Nigel Lawton remotor kit in application

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