Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Another reason I wanted to model this line is that I felt another welsh themed 009 slate layout was not how I wanted to begin modelling in this scale. 
I may one day so, but I wanted to make an impression if I could.
I am aware of only 3 prior models of this line & none are from the past 15 years as far as I am aware. The other thing, handily is, that there is some strong kit manufacturer coverage of the stock. Chivers finelines make the bagnall 0-6-2 class. Golden Arrow make some stock & had made in the past a couple of others as  whitemetal kits & resin kits. They list as the Kerr Stuart Brazil class 0-4-2, The Kerr Stuart 'Superior' 0-6-2 & some of the wagons & even an etched brass carriage kit. The exquisite Backwoods miniatures even produce the large Manning Wardle built 0-6-2 'Chevallier'. Needless to say I've got these & they are either underway, about to be started, or even finished, as is the case with the not yet mentioned Golden arrow Kit of the smaller fireless loco from the line called Victor.
images to follow... 

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